Our group fitness classes are such a testimony of how great Shapes creates a safe, fun, welcoming environment for all shapes, sizes and levels. We have been so successful for years and recognized by American Council of Exercise as a provider along with the rights to our own line of Shapes Branded Strength Classes. Whether you are “Pumping” in our signature Pump class in California or sweating in our branded “Trifecta” class in South Florida, you can be rest assured you will have consistency and your class will be sealed with the same touch of the “Shapes Touch of Fitness Fun” across the board!

At Shapes we know that the keys of Fitness for Women are found in accountability, results and fun! We have designed our group fitness program to be the ultimate key, unlocking the door and providing an entrance to the life change you have been waiting to make!

At Shapes, we have designed our group fitness program to keep your fitness life balanced for you. We offer a wide variety of classes in all of the three of the main components of group fitness: CARDIO, STRENGTH and MIND/BODY.

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Classes Offered at this Location


Burn and Build

Build muscle and burn fat with this high energy full body workout focusing on cardio, strength abs and core!

Cardio Drills

Hi-lo basic cardio drills for all fitness levels





Our signature high energy barbell resistance training workout formatted to music.



Barre classes mix elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training, and the moves are choreographed to motivating music.

Barre and Beyond

Sculpt the lower body and upper body through low-impact core, posture and flexibility training using the ballet ?barre, bender ball, gliding disc, light weights, and mat-work. Raise the Barre: Kick it up, just a notch!


Refreshing mind-body workout using body-weight exercises, flexibility and strength training for the abdominal muscles, back, hips and glutes.


Leave feeling centered and calm after participating in a traditional yoga format. Recommended for all levels.

Yoga: Vinyasa



This is a class that Shapes has offered for more than 15 years. It is a wonderful mix of yoga and pilates.